Italia Consultant offers consulting sessions about manufacturing luxury handbags and other leather goods in Italy. We consult over the phone or in person.

We strongly recommend a consulting session if one is not very familiar with the luxury manufacturing industry; in fact there are many important factors to know before venturing into it. Consider that besides much time, you will be likely investing tens of thousands of dollars or Euros to get started. It is important therefore to spend both time and money well without making mistakes.

In a one hour consulting session you will be able to harness a wealth of hard-to-find knowledge which is the result of almost two decades of our experience as manufacturing agents in Italy for the world’s top luxury brands.  (As Murphy says, “a couple of years of trial and error may save you the cost of one hour with a professional consultant!”)

We offer a consulting session during which we cover critical topics to ensure your success in manufacturing luxury handbags and leather goods in Italy:

  • Scope and viability of project
  • Pricing and marketing strategy
  • Financial requirements
  • Manufacturing aspects, how the Made in Italy industry works, Italy’s historical cloud manufacturing model.
  • Prototyping, sampling, quantity production, shipping, logistics, import duties, production scheduling
  • Collection designs evaluation
  • Materials: review of our selection leather and textile samples
  • Custom hardware, packaging
  • Things you have to know about exotic leather materials
  • Showrooms, boutiques, department stores, the Internet.

Please note that we work primarily at the manufacturing end, therefore, while  we are able to offer insight into the workings of distribution and sales, this is not our core business.

We offer the consultation for Euro 450.  Half of this sum will be discounted from our agent fees in the event that we will manage your manufacturing project in Italy.

Typically a one-hour session is sufficient to cover the above topics.  However, we will not rush you if you need a longer time.

It is great if you can visit in person, otherwise we can arrange to consult over the phone.

For over the phone consulting sessions, please provide a landline or Whatsapp phone number. It will be our pleasure to call you!

Also, you may email us afterwards with any questions that you forgot to ask during the consulting session.  We will reply at no extra charge!

Book your consulting session now by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

You will be asked to pay a deposit of half the consulting fee. As soon as we receive the deposit we will contact you to arrange the consulting session at a date and time convenient for you. The balance of the consulting fee will be requested after the consulting session is over.

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer or in cash (for clients who visit in person), please contact us.